SharePoint and Office Quickpart date formatting

Recently we had an issue with date formatting within Office 2007/2010. When you drop a QuickPart field which references a date field in SharePoint the date formatting will not be equal to the regional settings of the SharePoint site where the document resist. The solution to this problem is rather simple, when you have spent some time digging into Office 2010.

· If the situation that the Developer tab in Word is not enabled, enable it.
Word 2007: Word > Options > Popular
Word 2010: File > Options > Customize Ribbon in Word 2010

· In the document, insert the document property as usual.

· Click the document property, then click on its name (see figure).
Click Developer tab > Controls group > Properties

· Now you are able to modify the date formatting by selecting one of the predefined formats from the list or by defining a custom format.

· Click OK

There you go! A custom format has been set. Unfortunately this is not a solution in a multi-language environment. Every template has to be preconfigured.