First look at new Office 15 Preview with SharePoint 2013, Outlook Web App 2013, and metro interface

This blog post is just a bunch of screenshots of the new office online 15 preview (2013). All Office applications like SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 and client programs are a real seamless experience!

Office 365 Preview Portal


Sharepoint 15 Mysite (1)

Sharepoint 2015 Mysite (2)

Sharepoint 2015 Mysite (3)

SharePoint 2015 Newsfeed

Outlook Web App 15 (1)

Outlook Web App 15 (2)

Soon, I will discuss the several parts of Office 15 in detail!

Until then, you can check out this bunch of information from the microsoft websites!

SharePoint 2013 Download

SharePoint 2013 Documentation