Windows Azure Data Center Locations World Wide

Update: An updated map can be found at

While doing a test drive to migrate our ASP.Net hosting services to Windows Azure we are forced to make a decision for the region we want to host our solutions. Our business is located in the Netherlands, so we want to use the most optimal location for the Azure hosting with the least network latency.

Although you are provided a choice for a region you do not have a visual on the location of the datacenter. On the Windows Azure homepage a direct answer was not easily found, but found a TechNet presentation by Senior Program Manager Henry Zhang which provided the detail I was looking for.

As you can see, Microsoft guarantees a <100 ms network latency in the green regions on the map. Especially the North Europe and West Europe are somewhat disputable to make a choice without having a visual. The map makes it clear that West Europe is located in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and North Europe in Ireland. To select the most appropriate datacenter for your location you can easily test the network latency using the SQL Management Study (more

Good luck with choosing your Azure Datacenter!

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