Change Error Report Email Destination for DirSync

For several customers we have configured the Directory Synchronization for Offcice365.

In most situations DirSync reports some Active Directory issues during synchronization, which is delivered by e-mail.

Although most error report and notification are sent to the Global Administrators, the DirSync error will only be delivered to the Technical Contact email address. To configure the technical contact for your tenant you can perform the following steps.

1. Open the Office365 Management Portal

2. Click on the name of your Company (in the upper right for O365 new-style, in the upper left for O365 old-style)

3. Update the technical contant e-mail address and press Save


DirSync 64-bits download is availlable (Directory Synchronization tool)

Finnaly the 64-bits version of the Directory Synchronization tool is availlable for download. The days are over to have a 32-bits server running to perform Active Directory Synchronisation to Office365!

The new DirSync tooling is based on the Forefront Identity Manager which provides a stable basis for AD Synchronization. It can be installed on Windows Server 2008 (r2), 64 bits.

To download the updated version, go to your Office 365 administration portal and go to the User Management section\Active Directory synchronization and click Setup (step 4)

If you need to upgrade from the 32-bits version note that you must minimize changes to your on-premises objects during the upgrade to the 64-bit instance of the directory synchronization tool. Modifications applied during upgrade are not synchronized!

To upgrade/install DirSync 64 bits, follow this steps

  1. (optional, only for upgrade) On the computer on which the Directory Synchronization tool is installed, open the Control Panel, select Add and Remove Programs, and then uninstall the Directory Synchronization tool.
  2. Install the 64-bit version of the Directory Synchronization tool installation file on another computer. To do this, sign in to the Office 365 portal, click Admin in the header, click Users under Management in the left pane, click Set up in the Users pane, select Windows 64-bit version, and then click the Download button for step 4: Install and configure the Directory Synchronization tool.
  3. On the last page of the installation program, select Start Configuration Wizard now, and then click Finish.     The Microsoft Online Services Directory Configuration Wizard starts.