Configure SharePoint 2010 Search Suggestions

One of the new exiting features of SharePoint 2010 is the search suggestion functionality. The functionality allready existed in SharePoint 2007 as post search suggestion (did you mean) but is improved in SharePoint 2010 search with pre search suggestion like google does.

When you start in a clean farm you will notice that no suggestions are showing up when typing search keywords. The suggestion database will be build with the searches executed by users on your sharepoint farm. The search suggestion database is updated daily from the search results statistics.

To help your sharepoint users to find the information needed you can do additions to the search suggestion database using PowerShell.

Open a SharePoint Management (powershell) prompt and type


You will get a list of search service applications in use.

$ss = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceapplication -Identity “FASTQuery”

Here we get the FASTQuery service application. Other options are to get the “Search Service Application”, this is the default sharepoint search.

Now you can add search suggestions using the following command.

New-SPEnterpriseSearchLanguageResourcePhrase -SearchApplication $ss -Language En-Us -Type QuerySuggestionAlwaysSuggest -Name “My Suggestion”

We are allmost ready! The only thing we need to do is run the “Prepare query suggestions” job

Start-SPTimerJob -Identity “prepare query suggestions”

Now you’re done to check out the search suggestions in your search center.

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