Azure Active Directory Sync Tool reaches General Availability

If you are planning for

– Multi-forest implementation of Office 365
– Multi-forest / multi exchange organization hybrid
– Resource and accounts forest

You can now start directly with this new “version” of DirSync.

There is only one item which can be found in DirSync and AAD Sync has not, it is password hash sync. All other, and a lot more features are there!

Download Azure Active Directory Sync Tool here:
Documentation can be found here:


About Cloud Architect Joran Markx
I have been working on Microsoft Technology since 2003. In addition to (lead) developer and software architect, I am certified Microsoft Specialist and active in design and implementation of Hybrid Cloud platforms. In 2011 I have achieved a Master of Science in IT Management. This made me capable to solve complex issues from the business in an efficient and structured way. As Cloud Architect I am working on various challenging projects with a variety of clients. Within my organisation I fullfill a leading role when it comes to internal development and sharing of knowledge. My goal is to provide reliable and predictable services to our clients with a strong focus on the results achieved for the organisations I am working for.

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