Default Custom View for Document Set in SharePoint 2010

When working on a Document Management Solutions with Document Sets I had a struggle to find out how to select a custom view to use within a Document Set. After my search I would like to share this information with you. The next steps will help you to accomplish this.

· Go the the document library settings

· Define a new view for the document set on the document library

· Define your view and optionally choose where you are able to select this view

· Click on OK

· Click on the Document Set Content Type

· Click on Document Set Settings

· At the end of the screen you will find a drop down list under “Welcome page view” where you can select default view

Somehow the procedure makes sense, but you have to know it.


Error While Trying To Visit Web VPN Client (after installing KB2585542)

Lots of customer provide a secure way to access the servers within their internal network for people like use.

After some windows updates (in this case KB2585542) the VPN web access page cannot be loaded anymore. After some research we found a solution for the problem with a little hack in the registry.

Add a new DWORD with name: SendExtraRecord and value: 2 (Hexadecimal) to the following path in the registry.